Pro Shave at Best Price

Wizamet Super Iridium DE Blades offer the highest quality, premium platinum coated double edge razor blades so you can have the closest possible shave without skin irritation. Bring back the good old days of manly shaving! Manufactured in the high end facility of St Petersburg Russia, these blades are designed to last really long. It packs the power of ancient methodology with modern research.

Procter & Gamble is a world widely known brand established since 1837 & Super Iridium DE blades is like a Samurai Sword that all the masters of shaving have been using since years worldwide.

Extremely Sharp :

Experience the world's sharpest blade. A great single-stroke Shaving experience.

Superior Quality :

Smooth and irritation-free shave every time with platinum coated stainless steel blades

Built to Last :

Retains sharpness and cutting efficiency even after multiple shaves.

Smooth AF :

A truly comfortable shaving experience for normal or sensitive skin types.

Made In Russia :

Superior quality manufacturing by Procter & Gamble in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Compatibility :

Universal shape compatible with any double edge, single blade safety razor.

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