Everything You Need to Know About Double Edge Safety Razors

With the countless razors and blades available for shaving, one stands out because it’s easy to use and provides the cleanest shaves: the doubleedge safety razor. It’s one of the most popular wet shaving razors for a reason. Besides the flawless finish it provides, double edge razors help prevent blemishes, ingrown hairs, and bumps that you’ll normally get with a disposable razor. We’re here to provide a detailed rundown of this classic wet shaving tool.

Why is it Called Double Edge?

            This safety razor has its name because of the nature of its blade. The blade as you may suspect has two edges. When one edge becomes dull after continuous use, you can then use the other edge of the blade for shaving. This maximizes the amount of uses you get out of it.

            Since the blade is the main factor to a clean and close shave, its quality is most important.At Wizashave, we got you covered with that. Our blades are made of stainless steel with platinum coating, ensuring that you have the most durable blade in the market. Platinum is one of the strongest metals on Earth and hence it’ll provide a clean cut and prolong the usage of each blade.

Comparing to Disposable Razors

            Many people often compare a double edge safety razor to a multi-blade disposable razor because of its similar appearance. While disposable razors are convenient and easy to use, it doesn’t provide the same clean shave as a safety razor. Additionally, given the build of a multi-blade razor it increases the chances of ingrown hairs and painful red bumps. This is because the blade pulls on the hair and can sometimes penetrate the skin. 

            Alternatively, that’s not the case with a double edge razor. Since there’s only a single blade doing the job, it provides a clean cut to each facial hair. Furthermore, this significantly decreases the chance of pulling and tugging on the hair and skin. If the double edge safety razor is used correctly, the blade is able to get very close to the skin without penetrating it.

Is it Worth It?

Given the quality of a double edge razor they are more expensive than a disposable one. However, the shave from a double edge blade razorisunbeatable. As long as you use high-quality blades, the investment will be worth it once you see and feel the results.

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