The Essential Step by Step Guide to Wet Shaving

If you’ve just discovered wet shaving and are eager to give it a try, we completely understand. This traditional shaving technique gives you a soft and perfect clean shave that is difficult to achieve with disposable shaving razors. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the art of wet shaving.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Soften Hair Follicles

In order to reduce skin irritation you first need to apply a warm towel to your face or take a hot shower. This will soften your skin and hair follicles so that it’s easier for the blade to glide across the skin. 

  1. Soap Lathering

Put your shaving soap/cream and a small amount of water in a bowl. Then, use your shaving brush to stir the two together until it becomes a lather. Once the soap starts looking like light whip cream, thoroughly brush the lather all over your facial hair.

  1. The 3 Rounds of Shaving

Here comes the fun part, shaving the beard. If you’re a beginner make sure to take your time in order to prevent cuts and scars.

Generally professionals recommend that you run the razor over your beard 3 times to get the cleanest shave. With your first pass, make sure to shave in the direction that your hair grows and apply little to no pressure when doing so. Then, rinse your face. 

Apply the shaving lather again and you’re ready for the second pass. However this time, you’re going to shave across the grain of your facial hair(perpendicular). Like the first time, rinse again.

If you’re looking for the perfect clean shave and don’t have sensitive skin it’s ideal to do a third pass. Like the previous times place another layer of lather on your face. For the third pass, shave against the grain of your facial hair. Once you’ve finished, rinse and dry your face: you’re done shaving!

  1. Post-Shave Care: Aftershave

How you take care of your skin right after shaving is just as important as shaving itself. Aftershave will help prevent blemishes on the skin, clogged pores, andingrown hairs. Naturally, any form of shaving will leave your skin dehydrated. As such, applying an aftershave of your choice will make your skin feel rejuvenated and moisturized.

When you follow each of these steps, you’ll find yourself with a clean shave like never before. As you practice wet shaving, it’ll soon become a task you look forward to doing. 

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