The Wet Shaving Tools You’ll Need

Those who are new to wet shaving often feel overwhelmed by the number of items they’ll need or the variety of brands to choose from. That shouldn’t stop you from trying out wet shaving. That’s why we’ve broken it down to the necessary tools you’ll need to get started.

The Necessary Tools

  • Razors

Arguably the most important part of wet shaving is the razor you’ll use. There are two kinds of razors: safety razors and straight razors. Safety razors are more popular given how easy it is to use. Since these razors come with a safety edge that help prevent painful cuts, this is also the best choice for beginners.

Alternatively, you’ll find experienced barbers and professionals using a straight razor. While they provide extremely close shaves, these razors do not have protections edges and take longer to get accustomed to.

  • Blades

Safety razors and blades go hand in hand. People usually opt for double edge blades because you can use both sides of the blade, increasing the number of shaves you can have. Our double-edge blades are high- quality and durable, given that it’s made of stainless steel and coated with platinum.

  • Creams and Soaps

Shaving creams and soaps are the lubricants that allow the razor to glide across your skin with ease. As such, it prevents serious skin irritation. Whether you opt for a cream or a soap, the decision comes down to the texture you prefer. Over the yearsgels and oils have also been used for wet shaving. This provides more options for you to choose from.

  • Shaving brush

Using a shaving brush to thoroughly apply the lather on your face will help soften the skin and allow the exposure of stubborn facial hairs. This is to ensure your razor runs through every strand of hair. Keep in mind, each shaving brush has different bristles with some being softer than others. As such, use the one you feel most comfortable with.

  • After Care Products

Shaving can leave your face feeling dry and tight. Aftershave will help combat that dryness by moisturizing the skin. When purchasing any aftershave, make sure that its suitable to your skin type and has a smell that is pleasant to you.

While it seems like a lot, the investment you put into your wet shaving equipmentis worth it. Quality tools will guarantee that after each shave you end up with a flawless clean-shaven look.

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