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Very Important

PS: We'll offer a limited stock in the US from time to time - Starting July 7th

Since the outbreak of Covid, shipping has been problematic domestically and much more so internationally. International packages sometimes makes it to their destinations, but more times than not, we are seeing significant delays.
Many customers understand this is the world we live in now and some do not. I have had to either refund or resend countless packages because they didn’t make it to their destinations yet.
This is not sustainable for a small business. I have made the difficult decision to stop selling and shipping wizamet blades overseas (from Morocco) until things can return to normal.
If you have placed an order, I will honor this and hope it makes it to you.
We’ve contacted the shipping carrier several times and every time they say that the packages will get their destinations as soon as possible.
As a small business we are trying our best to “survive” in this hard time, and we may offer other shaving products that will be available in the US and shipped by our fulfillment agent in New York.
We will continue shipping from Morocco to UK, as we have had little issue sending to this country (21 to 30 days).
This has been an incredibly difficult decision, as a very large percentage of my business comes from USA.
Unfortunately, I have no control whether you will receive your packages in a timely manner or not. We’ve planned on shipping wizamet blades inventory to USA & France as soon as possible to make buying our products easier, faster and less expensive for all our friends.

For any questions, please email me at wizashave@outlook.com
My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience, but shipping has become a major problem for us.

Kind regards,
Simo Lamghari